Chris Kok

Insanity is sorta in the eye of the beholder. (Chuck Palahniuk)


Chris Kok - Photo: Maarten van der Kamp Photo by Maarten van der Kamp Maarten van der Kamp

Met: Chris Kok

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, bad but enthusiastic drummer and bass player, Conservatorium graduate, winner (in different guises) of Mooie Noten and the Grote Prijs van Nederland, writer of many lyrics and a half finished songwriting text book, songwriting coach, lover of the English language, translator for Mediamatic, obsessive consumer of all quality film and television, gamer (PS3/Mac) and avid reader and collector of thick paperback novels.




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  • Chris Kok
  • Grote Bickersstraat 285
  • 1013 KR
  • Amsterdam
  • NL