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At Mediamatic I archived the Mediamatic Magazine and dug into it's history. Next to that I contemplated the best way to structure the archive, in order to give the vast among of articles some more context and explanation. Moreover I gave the Anymeta-training for new interns and helped them with any questions regarding the CMS.

As of 2006 I'm studying at the University of Amsterdam. After wandering through several studies, I ended up doing the Master Television and Cross-media Culture, which I'm still doing to this day.

Next to my work at Mediamatic I am chief editor at NieuwerwetsTV. I review all sort of entertainment products; this is the place where I combine my love for movies, television series, games, comics and my need to over-analyze everything. On the odd occasion I also write columns about zombies and post-modern viewership, representation of minorities or television series and politics.