Caspar Menkman

Good Morning

Dev Camp

It is the morning of the 6th day and there are about 10 hackers from 3 different projects still moving through the project space. They pulled all nighters and have shown us the true-hacker spririt.


Saro is sleeping - Robert Keil

The team of ikStaar and the two knitting teams are still present. You can see they are all tired. Not sleeping an entire night is both physically as emotionally draining. But although their tiredness is recognizable in their body language it in no way rubs of on their installations.

Pol slowly puts his head on the table knowing that their installation is fully completed. And as Travis willingly demonstrates their knitting machine to anyone interested to play it is safe to assume most of this energy is derived from the club-matte the so potent energy drink.

Hats of to you guys. Enjoy your victories.