Caspar Menkman

TTL: aproximately 12 hours

Dev Camp Day 5

We are counting down and our hackers are gearing up for a final sprint.


IkStaar — challenge - Robert Keil

The ikStaar installation looks like it is getting there. The wooden rings have been mounted on the base and this, combined with the two chairs that can be used by the players, makes it look like a proper installation. They also made the tactically sound move transferring their installation to a more central spot. And even though the LEDs still need to be attached and the television has yet to be added the 4 men are getting increasingly close to the completion of the project.

While the guys of the sock knitting machine are taking their time to think of the final title of their project they are still adding some touches to their installation. And although they are still waiting for a proper base with two levels, they are already connecting the different parts of the installation. The coloring station has been connected to the yarn knitting machine. And at present I can see them leave the bank to the carpentering workshop with a gigantic wooden platform that in the future will service as a one of the levels of the installation.

Quite frankly one of the more ambitious projects seemed to be the Tapisserie de Bayeux inspired knitting machine. But I feel that ever since pulling off a late night yesterday they made sure they have everything under control. The most important thing they have been focusing on today was making sure the installation could be automatically driven. An ingenious system consisting of a drill and a stretch-resistant cord makes sure no users have to manually operate the machine, which eliminates the most important factor of insecurity.

The IkScream team is still constantly screaming at us. Ernst admits his throat is starting to get sore. However this does not mean they are not making process. The registration of the sounds and video has been completed, but they are still working on sending the files of the recording to youtube. In other news the color of the ear has been decided and they have eventually landed on Mediamatic magenta. No surprises there really, except for the color that is.

The system is working but the Interactive VJ's are still waiting for the floor of the exhibition space to clear. Only after most teams completed their move to their respective positions will they be able to mount there camera to the ceiling. At present they are still trying to improve on the effects that are shown through the different kinds of movements made with the glow sticks. The team is going to enjoy a long night fine tuning the animations presented.

Because today J-B had to give a lecture in Lyon, Dana proposed that their daughter Ella should step in for him. The first four days the team had been massively productive and at one point it almost seemed as if they could finish today. But with the carpenters extra busy with other installations the team decided to do most of the handy work themselves. Still they are really close to completion with Nadya working hard to perfecting the bite-receiving apparatus. Quite frankly I am not at all worried about them.

All the paper has been stuck on the wall and the projector has been centered on the space it has to beam on, but that does not mean the guys (and girl) of WOW are there yet. For instance they still have to start building the RFID-station. Also the camera has yet to be assigned a more permanent space and then there are some problems with the resolution of the image caused by the extension of video cables. A lot still to do. And we are approaching the deadline.

In less then 12 hours it is go-time and our hackers are going the distance. Excited about tomorrow!