Caspar Menkman

Some thoughts from a non-coder

Dev Camp Day 5

Stringing code while eating boerenkool. You got to appreciate it.


Caspar — he makes the dev camp blog - Robert Keil

I always thought I was good with computers. Although I have never even came close to programming anything I have always been able to figure out my own issues. Since the camp started I have come to the conclusion that I am maybe less skilled then I thought. It made me realize that there are levels of skill that I previously was not aware of. In a way, it made me see something that was always very abstract to me. This realization of course was a positive one. I do not want to describe it as grounding, but the camp certainly gave me a new found appreciation for the very advanced skills the individuals in the camp possess.

The process of getting to know people (and with them their projects) in a camp like this, is always hard. Without the necessary skills to really contribute to both the conceptualizing and the building of the installations you will mostly be in the way of progress. Also there comes a lot of pressure with getting a project working properly in just 5 days. I learned to ask questions when people are not fully immersed in their projects and learn things by listening (in) very closely. The things I heard during the last couple of days were really nice. Some very cool stuff is in development and I am sure the presentations of the installations tomorrow will turn out to be a grand success!