15 mrt 2006
30 apr 2006

A Transdisciplinary Festival of Creativity, Research, Theory and Technoculture September 29th-October 14th, 2006, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Website:

Deadline for Abstracts: April 30th, 2006 Acceptance Notification: May 15th, 2006 Deadline for Proposals: April 30th, 2006 Acceptance Notification: May 15th, 2006 Deadline: May 15th, 2006Acceptance Notification: June 15th, 2006 Perform.Media is an international media arts festival and symposium creating an innovative venue for creative and intellectual work around the momentary process and performance in new media art and culture. We begin with the premise that newer media, along with modes of representation and narrative, embody momentary processes from roots in cybernetics and the biological, to the embodied performance of interface, improvised network exchanges and spontaneous social acts in multi-user synthetic worlds. Such mediated experiences and actions form meaning in sense experience and performance along with interpretive processes like depiction and reception. The dynamic, reciprocal process of the user(s) generating, configuring, interacting, choosing and authoring is an important component of new media and technologies, expressed in both the design of the media and in the momentary, improvised performance of the participant. The festival and symposium seeks the accordance and collision of ideas through the lens of interdisciplinarity, exploring the performance of new media and the performative qualities of human-computer and technologically mediated social interaction. Perform.Media will examine sense experience and meaning at the threshold and in the performing action, along with the reflexive construction of narrative, where creative play, social practices, augmented embodiment and exploratory methods establish processes that spin out, overlapping locales of influence, in networked, “glocal???, mobile, participatory, socially interactive, live processed, locative, responsive and multi-user realms. Perform.Media aims to examine and melt the usual spatial and temporal prescriptions of author and spectator in art, creative work and intellectual practice. Perform.Media traverses transdisciplinary territories in collaborations and social feedbacks of live sound+image, interactive and game media, HCI, improvisations, performance processes, interactive gallery environments, mobile and locative work, live art works,, research practices, theoretical discussion, paper presentations, workshops, intimacy and communication both online and off.
Submission forms can be downloaded at-
++Paper Presentations, Panels, Workshops, Intellectual Environments and Practices The Perform.Media symposium welcomes submissions of papers, panel discussions, workshops and intellectual environments around the theme of the festival- performance process in new media, theory, research and technological practice. The Perform. Media symposium seeks to promote discussion and collaboration. The environment of the symposium will be conversation based. Proposals for panels, workshops and presentations that energize into new areas of intellectual exchange will be welcomed. All presentations will be moderated and encourage participation, questioning and debate. An online forum, discussion and exhibition will precede the festival. Paper abstracts will be published on the Perforrm.Media website.
++Art Work and Creative Practices Work criteria- Perform.Media seeks new media work and proposals for black box, white cube or network that engage in the practice of performing media or media performance. We are looking for work that asks the questions- How does the “doing,??? the performing inform us in this new media? How does this media perform, what does it do and how does it engage us? Types of work-Ambient/Ubiquitous Technologies and Creative Practices, Avatars, Dance/Embodied work, Environments and Space Based work, Games, HCI, Interactive/Participatory Installation, Interface Art, Live Art, Locative Media, Mapping, Mobile Screens, Mobile/Wireless Devices, Net.Art, New Media Performances, Simulations and Synthetic Worlds, Theatrical Pieces, Video Processing and VJ/DJ styles… Submission forms can be downloaded at- For questions contact-