Dirk van Oosterbosch

Interaction designer who likes complex systems a little too much. Madness is just a level of complexity beyond your current grasp.


Totoro - Totoro seeding the tree of wisdom

Dirk does the interface and interaction design for Fritzing , a software to help designers make their electronic circuits. When in Berlin, Dirk works from the office of IxDS , Interaction Design Studios. In Amsterdam Dirk has his own studio, IR Labs, located at the Damrak.


Dirk is a designer. He works as the interface designer for Fritzing, a software application to help designers and artists work with electronics. In general designing communication services, apps, hardware or concepts is Dirk's core business. So Dirk is also partly concepter, researcher and developer.


You can call upon Dirk for help on Mac OS X, Objective-C, Python, Arduino, Processing, Quartz Composer, Electronics, Adobe design applications, and design discussions and methodology in general.


While studying graphic design at the Rietveld Academy Dirk van Oosterbosch discovered the computer as a much more powerful tool in the production of communicative work, than traditional tools, for this is a tool with which an infinite range of other tools can be made. Since Dirk is mostly producing tools to be used by other creatives. Dirk made VJ-tools to be used by him and his friends from the ixopusada collective. Dirk designed the Friend browser, to allow total strangers to guide themselves through a global social network. At the Piet Zwart Institute Dirk made Intellistener, a tool for radio listeners and makers to compose hyper audio tracks (analogue to hypertext) from existing radio interviews. This is done by annotating the audio files linearly and connecting the nodes in the tracks. Currently Dirk is an active member of meta (making electronic thingies in amsterdam), a group of artists and designers that learn themselves how to make embedded, small electronic devices to be used in their art or their design.

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