project: Mourad Kadouri

Arabische schaatsen

Schaatsen in stijl..!

Well, basically it comes down to Dutch iceskates, but mine are formed like the old traditional Arabic shoes you can buy on the marketplace, apart from that they've got different Arabic designs you can apply yourself, cool..!

I've got another concept as well wich i'm still working on, it's a combination of the old Dutch windmill and a Arabic mosque "Moskeemolen", this way you can save on energy by using wind, make bread, and pray at the same time..! Good times are coming..!


mk_elhemaconcept1.jpg -

The obvious Arabic influences.

The obvious Arabic influences.

Anyone interested..!

Brainstorming during Ramadan, yeah definitely brainstorming.

Wood and obviously some metal for the sharp parts, maybe we could use some crocodile leather as well, as long as it's skin from some kind of endangered species, that would be awesome..!

Some feedback would be very much appreciated, maybe the possibility of creating a first prototype to showcase as well.