Play the Energy Battlefield

A Life-sized Board Game

19 mei 2012

Graphic designers Femke Herregraven and Chris Lee developed a life-sized board game in which teams battle each other to secure energy resources in a future world order. Team up with your friends or join a team on the spot. The game starts at 15:00 and will be lead by the designers themselves. Please RSVP if you want to join.


Energy Battlefield - Let the game start at the opening of Energy Battlefield Simone Schoutens

The game

In Hyper-butter, Mana-batteries four teams explore the politics and economics of the New Order energy abundance by taking on the role of either The Democratic Federation, New Iceland, Mercenary Corporation, or P2P Mob. Each team represents a modus operandi and approach to energy abundance. Through the game Herregraven and Lee aim to catalyze reflection on conflicts that could emerge when the global competition for limited energy resources becomes a non-issue.

More information

This is your last chance to play the game! We start playing at 15:00. One game takes approximately 1,5 hours. If you already have a New Order passe-partout you can play for free. Otherwise tickets are €2,50. Mediamatic Fabriek is situated on the Oostenburgereiland in Amsterdam. Visit this page for directions. New Order is open every Saturday and Sunday, from 14:00 to 18:00, until July 1st. A New Order passe-partout will set you back €5,-.

New Order is made possible by Mondriaan Stichting, Ministerie van OCW, Gemeente Amsterdam, SNS Reaal Fonds and Stadgenoot.