Een / A Rosa Poëtica

A one-act play in eight scenes

12 apr 2012
27 mei 2012

Ad van Rosmalen wrote this one-act play on the basis of the lives of the the four members of the Rosa artists collective. On this stage, where creative art crosses paths with that of the art of life, A Rosa Poëtica pleads the case for a radical sociability. Artistic power lies in the communication that ensues from the readiness to place your very essence on the agenda – enabling others to understand that essence when they listen.


ea32ab49ddfe528082a8227872997699_m - images of the studio's, badly assembled by Freek Lomme, original photo's by Simon Kentgens (those ones are good)

Personal characteristics and alien ones show their potency – the potency of authentic doubt – at the point when the characters lose themselves in the dilemma between conservative, self-absorbed autonomy, and progressive, dynamic refinement.

‘Understanding’ in the double meaning of the word – in the sense of both compassion and of comprehension – determines the rapport of the actor, character and audience (or reader). The script unfolds as a plea for radical and shared integrity: subjective, multiform and, most importantly, loyalty to the personal point of departure.


Curator and production: Ellen Zoete i.c.w. Rosa’s

Managing directors: Freek Lomme and Ellen Zoete

Realization script in film for exhibition: Nick Meehan


Editors: Ad van Rosmalen and Freek Lomme

Final Editing: Ad van Rosmalen and Ellen Zoete

Texts by: Camiel van Winkel, Ad van Rosmalen, Rosa Foundation (artists Arjan Janssen, Simon Kentgens, Iris Bouwmeester and Thomas Bakker)

Graphic design publication: Remco van Bladel and Barbara Hennequin

Made possible thanks to: BKKC/Province of North Brabant and AKV/SJ.Joost Avans Hogeschool