Counter-Campaigning Workshop

Pre-Election Public Campaign Art Interventions

27 feb 2010
27 feb 2010

Should artists' works pick a political side in the upcoming elections or do they stand above all sides? By hacking or commenting on messages of policital parties, do you generate attention for the object that's commented upon thereby risking misinterpretation? What forms of art interventions are the most effective in public campaigning?


Screenshot animatie Foundland -


This day long action-packed workshop – just before the start of the Dutch city-council elections – will allow participants to be introduced to the theme by experienced art and design practitioners as well as experts in the activist and political scene. Together we will formulate new messages, produce and distribute our messages prior to the upcoming elections.
During the workshop participants, artists and theoreticians will brainstorm and create quick campaign reactions, and distribute them in the city.

Workshop program

27th February 2010 from 10.00 - 17.00 hours.

10:00- 10:15
Introduction by Foundland, followed by a brief summary of the "Bol=Tulp" Salon from the day before
10:15- 11:00
Brief introduction of participants & their work/practice.
11:00- 13:00
Participants work in groups or on their own to conceptualize campaign plans.
13:00- 14:00 Break for lunch
14:00- 17:00
Production of campaign- printing, painting, performance (materials kindly supplied by Mediamatic)

We will work with existing political slogans, poster campaigns, speeches etcetera. The results can be based on our collection of campaign material or newly made.


  • Posters
  • Buttons
  • Speech
  • Paint
  • Printing
  • Computers
  • Photography

Information and registration

Tea and coffee available all day, lunch is D.I.Y. (Many nice sandwich places across the street).
The day programme costs € 10, and includes drinks and production of the campaign.
Register by clicking the pink RSVP button and we'll keep you posted.
If you have questions please contact Deborah Meibergen at:

Public intervention moment

On 28th Sunday or Wednesday 3rd March 2010 from 13:00

We will together take the campaigns realised during the workshop into public space- this might entail a public performance, speech, garden planting or poster plakking, but will incorporate the messages of the campaigns developed.

After this moment there will be drinks.

The presenters from the "Tulp = Bol Salon", that takes place on February 25th, will be present during the workshop.

The workshops as well as the resulting campaign interventions will be documented for later use.