Els Engel

Aquaponics in deserted factory Manchester

From the Guardian

Excerpt: Orchards, crops and a fish farm will fill the empty spaces of a former printworks as the Biospheric Foundation comes to Salford.
Christopher Arden reports


Deserted mill in Manchester - It will be turned into a green oase with fruit trees and an aquaponics system.

In the world's first industrialised city, Vincent Walsh is hoping that Manchester will now become "the first biospheric city", in his flagship project transforming a disused printworks in a deprived area of Salford into a state-of-the-art urban farm and research centre.

Schools and families will be able to visit this old three-storey mill turned agricultural space once it opens on 5 July. By then, Walsh hopes the former industrial monument will be teeming with sustainable food production - an outdoor forest of fruit trees, plants growing on the roof, and an aquaponics technology system that cultivates fish and plant-life in a semibiotic environment.

Article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/the-northerner/2013/mar/01/manchester-salford-biosphere-international-festival