Els Engel

Blue LED's and bioballs

Canadian commercial aquaponics farm described

Broadcaster CBC published a story about a new commercial aquaponics farm. It's interesting to read, because they do some things differently.


The guys behind the Hamilton aquaponics farm - Photo from CBC

Two 25-year old guys from Hamilton, Canada, built their aquaponics farm themselves, intending it to be a commercial system. They do some things differently than we do them, so it's interesting to see.

For instance, judging the photo's and the video, they use an NFT system. They also use only blue LED lights, and the text says they leave it on 24/7 (we turn them off at night).

The video shows the 'bioballs', small plastic balls for the bacteria to colonize in.

They didn't harvest anything yet, but they've already arranged for a place on a farmers market. I'm curious how this will develop!