Dima Stefanova

is a good, reliable person and media designer


we design the sandberg design website - www.sandberg.nl/design

Icecreamdesign is a label, studio
and a platform for initiatives and ideas connected to the visual and communication culture of our time.
The initiative was born in 1999 by Henk Groenedijk (professor and a researcher in design) and Dima Stefanova (media designer).
The choice for ‘Icecream’ which transforms in ‘eyescream’ -‘I scream’ -‘you scream’ -‘we all scream for icecream was inspired by the Jim Jarmush movie ‘Down by Law’, in which the screaming of the word ‘Ice-cream’ becomes the symbol for freedom, revolution and a new beginning. 
We immediately identify ourselves as creators, working in the space between pleasure - revolution - happiness and freedom. Icecreamdesign become a landmark for our actions, work and imaginations.