Stichting Mediamatic

Newsletter 20/04

What's going on?

Here's the weekly staff newsletter so that you know what's going on this week, and to share important information and fun facts.


Anosmia - Smell blindness Lisanne Groenewoud

New colleagues

This week we have welcomed two new colleagues: Tianyu for the aquaponics, Joost for production and Claudia for the MyCelium.



We have two upcoming events this week. Tomorrow the Odorama, Smell Blind: Anosmia. will take place. Although it's about anosmia, there will be something to smell. On Saturday we will have the second Proeven op eigen risico. It will be in Dutch only, but we will serve raw milk cocktails which is an universal language. Also we need people to pour the drinks. If you have some spare time, come this Saturday to help Monserrat.


white russian -

Other business

The dishtowel in the coffeecorner is not for the pistols. It can be used for cleaning your glas. The fridge may not be used for your own food, just milk for the cappuccino's and latte's we need to get through the day.