Drone Camping

Learning to fly! Every summer weekend Drones, Copters and Blimps will buzz around our local air space.

19 jul 2014
31 aug 2014

The Whiteness 2 exhibition will be a drone test field and playground every weekend of summer 2014. Come and fly, build fix and learn about multicopter drones in our 1000sqm exhibition space. Bring your UAS, quadcopter or any RC flying device. Or fly one of ours!

Entrance to the camping and exhibition is free for pilots.
(sorry: fuel burning UAS/UAV are prohibited in our space)


19-06-2014 Drone Camping - Drone Camping toont de enorme opblaasbare objecten en geluidsdrone van Rob Sweere, in combinatie met werk van Sarah van Sonsbeeck en Jimmy Cauty. Een ruimte vol objecten waar je in kunt stappen, waarin je je kunt verstoppen, en waar je mee kunt spelen. Ook is er de kans om drones te laten vliegen in onze expositieruimte. Rob Sweere

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are becoming very common in many areas. From hobby toy to deadly drone stikes, they are popping up everywhere. Revolutionising the areal photography practice and enabling DIY mapping projects, drones are also used for invading privacy and becoming a feared tool of the paparazzi.

We'll be flying in the exhibition space that is virtually windless. It measures 71x14 meters and is 9 meters high under the roof construction. We'll have special hours where there will be no other public allowed in for safety reasons. These slots will be announced here later.

The Mediamatic drone camping is open daily from 13:00 till 18:00 ours. We will announce special events during the whole summer that will range from DIY building workshops, flying training, political discussion and presentations on the media effects of these new technologies.