#5 Spatial Projection: Creating Immersive Environment

a z25 Makers Workshop

11 okt 2014

Create one immersive projected environment with Blender.


Spatial Projection: Creating Immersve Environment -

Nowadays projectors together with computers have become more affordable and powerful enough to enormously influence the way digital artists work and the way art is being produced.
During the Spatial Projection workshop we will be using Blender, Raspberry Pi's and smart networking to create an immersive projected environment with a bunch of projectors. All you need to bring with you is your own laptop and Blender.
This workshop put's you in the role of the orchestrator projecting you own made visuals in Blender on to multiple projectors simultaneously creating one immersive projected environment. During this workshop you will be able to play, experiment and learn new tools&tricks used by z25.org in their interactive projects.

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