Hacking Haeckel

3 okt 2014

Mediamatic presents work of Gerrit Rietveld Academie alumni Rudy Guedj, Martin Huger, Olya Troitskaya and Sophie Rogg.


Hacking Haeckel collages - Enlightened installation reacting on Haeckel's Kunstformen Der Natur lithographies. Made by Rudy Guedj, Martin Huger, Olya Troitskaya and Sophie Rogg Malcolm Kratz

A group of Graphic Designers that collaborated on the visual identity for the school's theory program in 2013 made a series of collages based on Haeckel. For the purpose of the exhibition we asked them to design its entrance using their works.

Selection of collages was made and Rudy Guedj together with Sophie Rogg constructed wooden frames into which they placed the collages printed on semi-fabric paper. The construction is enlightened so you' ll get very different experience from what you see inside the exhibition hall.

At our former exhibition Kunstformen Der Nature we presented works of artists that got inspired by stunning litographies from Haeckel' s publication. But not to worry, these beautiful light boxes would be exhibited again at our new exhibition at Radboud University Hospital in Nijmegen alongside 80 selected prints.