A nice guy :-)

Gianfranco Chicco

Marketing Manager, PICNIC Festival 2010

I’m a nomad. Maybe not the kind of nomad that comes to your mind automatically. In fact, some people call me a “neo-nomad” a “new rich” or a “vagabond” which is someone who wanders around anyway. My place of action is the World, pausing from time to time in a definite country.

Since July 2009 I'm the marketing manager of PICNIC's 2009 edition and I'm very excited about it.

The web is crowded with bios of myself so I will just redirect you to the main ones.

  • My two main blogs:

Conference Basics
Jack of all trades

See ya around! cheers

I was born in Argentina, where I lived and studied during my first 24 years. I then moved to Italy, made a short pause in Poland, Italy again and then Japan on a sabbatical. Now I'm in the Netherlands, working for PICNIC.

I don’t like to define myself by one single thing, and I do many things at the same time. You might meet me as a photographer today, an engineer tomorrow, an online marketer the day after and a lazy traveler on a mission to change the world during the rest of the month. You might try to define me by what I’ve done, which I think it was right when I did it, but I moved on. I might reinvent myself in the “green” industry soon or in the online media business… If you care about my professional profile, check it out in LinkedIn. If you’re curious, you can find some of my photos on flickr.

I write too. I maintain a couple of blogs (see above for links) and collaborate with magazines (like 7th floor and the Italian edition of Wired). I do a lot of reading, but not everything I read or like ends up in my Anobii bookshelf.

A good friend once described me as a kind of Marco Polo, one who likes entering new countries and cultures, understanding the inner mechanism of the market and generating positive exchanges. While this role might be too much, I like the idea of it.

I like working in different environments, with people from multiple cultures and managing complex situations. Though in the end life is simple, the Buddha used to say that most of the time we don’t see reality but a reflection of it invented by our brain, just like in Plato’s cave.

I’m a Jack of all trades.. (and some might say that a master of none).