Emma T. Gaskell

Public Convenience

Hygienic, Portable Urinals for Men AND Women

The team of UiWe have taken to the streets in hopes of improving the experience of outdoor bathrooms for event go-er's and all around urban convenience.


Functional Urinals Designed for a Public Space - PeeBetter products for public convenience UiWE and their PeeBetter Lab designed the Simple P(right) and the Pollee(left) for respectively male and female public convenience. Peebetter, Christian Pagh (DK)

For years the human race has been organizing public outdoor events centered around "feel good" performances and entertainment. Unfortunately, having the urge to pee and not having a sanitary nor private place to go during these events does not feel so great. UiWe has taken this consideration into their own creative, innovative hands and has made a contemporary urinal design for both men and woman.

The Simple P made for men is designed to provide just enough coverage and is placed over any sewer grate. This way it uses minimal material and does not need it's own waste storage or plumbing.

The Pollee is made specifically for women. You simply stand over an elongated urinal with minimal squatting and a no-touch policy to assure a more hygienic experience. Do you want to read more about the Pollee? You can find it here.