From pee to compost

It's getting spring and while the weather starts to get better, so is the overal feeling in the city's. There are festivals coming up! A lot of dancing, listening to music, camping, beer drinking and from beer drinking comes .. peeing!


L Uritonnoir designed by Faltazi - L'Uritonnoir is a cross between a urinal ("urinoir" in French) and a funnel ("entonnoir") and was designed by Faltazi as a tidy and eco-friendly method of outdoor sanitation. Faltazi

A few weeks ago, we already showed you the pee-tree, a tree hugging urinal placed in the woods so man could pee there.
Tree's are not the only thing you can bump into on your way to relieve. One of the new designs is L'Uritonnoir. The name is a cross between a urinal ("urinoir" in French) and a funnel ("entonnoir") and is designed around a straw bale.
The urinal is very easy to set up: you place some straw bales in the fields, push L'Uritonnoir in the bale, fix it in place by looping a strap through the top holes and it's ready for use.


How to set up L' Uritonnoir - Instructions to set up L' Uritonnoir, a urinal to place in a straw bale. Faltazi

From then on, the bale collects the liquid and the nitrogen out of the urine. The nitrogen creates a reaction with carbon in the straws and starts a process of decomposition. When the festival is over and the urinal is no longer used, the bale can be left on the spot or be taking by either a farmer or a local composting facility. After six to twelve months, the bale becomes compost and can be used as a fertilizer.
There are two versions to choose from: the flat-pack polypropylene DIY model and the stainless steel Deluxe model. If you want a more personalized design, then choose the polypropylene model. Because of the material and the flat form, it's possible to customize this model with silkscreen printing.