Urinals not meant for men.

Remember standing in line for a hot, smelly porta potty for what seemed like hours, just because it was either that or a sneaky pee in the bushes? Well, never again: the Copenhagen-based design studio UiWE has developed a urinal for women and it's called Pollee.


Pollee by UiWE - Base of urinal and Pollee Naked. The urinal base and Pollee Naked UiWE (DK)

Met: UiWE (DK)

The ambition of the cultural design agency UiWe from Copenhagen is to create smart and attractive solutions for peeing in public. First mission? A simple solution for girls! So, as we wrote earlier, there are good news coming up.
“Our goal is that Pollee becomes a real queue-killer that enables girls to get peeing over and done with quickly, so they can get on with the more fun and important things. Queuing is such a waste of life!” says Christian Pagh, one of the designers. Yes, indeed!

One of the main focal points for the designers was finding the balance between private and public. The urinals need to be open and social, just like a normal man's urinals, still comfy but not too comfortable - another goals was to make the peeing go faster. After months of research the perfect semi-squat postion was found, and something to hold on to the walls was added, just in case. And there it was, the Pollee. Three different models were made: Pollee Shy, Pollee Topless and Pollee Naked, with the same basic design but varying degrees of privacy.


UiWE made this small film about the test of our new female urinal Pollee, launched at Roskilde Festival 2011 (DK) as part of the platform PeeBetter. Pollee is an open air, touch free urinal made to make life easier for girls at festival, concerts and urban events. See how the girl's like it - and read more about our visions and design approach at www.peebetter.dk and www.uiwe.dk

The Danish Roskilde Festival got the scoop and tested them out first in 2011.
At the festival, the three different Pollee-models were placed alongside each other, making it easy to try, compare and give feedback on the different versions. The reactions where mostly positive, but varied from model to model. Pollee Naked, a fully open urinal, was a step too far for most pee'ers, and felt too public. Surprisingly though, the Shy and Topless models was used equally. Here, it mostly came down to the queue for the urinals, which model was chosen.

UiWee is now finishing the perfect version. The aim is to mass-produce Pollee this summer so it can be used on festivals all over. Let us know if you spotted/tested one!