Jasper Visser

is inspired by coffee


Jasper @ MuseumNext - Photo thanks to Jim Richardson

I'm an innovator, digital strategist, public speaker and workshop facilitator, cultural rebel, coffee addict, co-founder of the strategy startup Inspired by Coffee & little monster.

I work on physical and digital projects that connect people with culture, society and each other. I help organisations with their digital strategy, participatory programmes, community building efforts and new media activities. In 2012 I was one of the co-founders of Inspired by Coffee, a strategy startup providing strategic first aid for the 21st century.

The last three years I worked at the Museum of National History of the Netherlands. Starting from scratch in 2009, the Museum of National History has been among the first institutions worldwide to place technology and new media at the very heart of the organization. In the years since, many of the museum’s digital projects received international acclaim.

I regularly speak about innovation and participation in museums and culture, gives workshops and keeps the blog themuseumofthefuture.com.

See my website for videos of presentations.