Odi et amo: on pee, trains and beer

Pis'Talk 5: Marian Loth and Aduén Darriba Frederiks

28 jan 2016

Peeing in the train or at festivals… it is disliked by many but necessary for all. How come these toilet-experience are so unattractive? And what design solutions can be made to improve mobile urination for both man, woman and children? Tonight we will speak with Marian Loth (PhD TU Delft) and Aduén Darriba Frederiks (Studio Aan) about their socially engaged designs.

Drinks and food from 18:00, talk at 20:00.
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Plastap: Think different about pee - Change your urine for a beer! Plastap

Met: Plastap

Marian Loth

Do you still dare to use train toilets? Most of the people don't and that is a pity. Marian Loth, PhD Candidate at TU Delft, has researched urination behaviours on trains and has come up with a different design. Will this manage to change the situation? Marian will explain the reasons behind her design choices and will defend her project in front of our audience. Ready to engage in a productive discussion?

Aduén Darriba Frederiks

Ever heard of the pee-tap? Aduén Darriba Frederiks can tell you everything about it. He developed the plastap together with Arne Boom by Studio Aan in order to exchange pee with beer. Participants can donate their urine and receive a corresponding amount of beer as a reward. The idea behind this process is recycling. While the golden fluid is often regarded as a waste material, Studio Aan showed its actual value in a very practical, fun way. Think differently about your urination and opt for re-use!


The Plastap is a contemporary art installation that invites the visitor to participate in a performance act. This performance act is designed to make visitors proudly aware of the valuable resources in pee and the potential of human waste. The participant is asked to donate pee to the art installation, by actually peeing into the artwork. In return participants get an amount of beer equal to the amount of pee that is donated.

The Plastap is a project of Studio Aan VOF. The project development was funded by Stichting Doen with support of Discovery Festival.


Plastap from Studio Aan - The Plastap is an interactive art machine, giving beer in exchange for your pee, designed by Studio Aan. The Plastap is an interactive art machine, giving beer in exchange for your pee, designed by Studio Aan.


Pis’ Talk 5
Thursday, January 28th
Drinks and food from 18:00, talk at 20:00
Biotoop Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: Pre-sale €7,50 / Door: €10,- / Students €5,-
- food excluded

NB: we will ask you to show your student id at the ticket service.