TodaysArt 2012 Symposium: Bright Collisions

20 sep 2012
22 sep 2012

As part of the 8th edition of the TodaysArt festival, the three-day symposium ‘Bright Collisions’ will take place at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK).


Bright Collions -

During the symposium, audiences, artists and professionals from various backgrounds will discuss a range of contemporary and urgent topics in which art, technology and society meet and exert forces on each other. The participants will look at what art can contribute to society in a time when the forms, values and relations of creative and technological media are being reinterpreted. In order to create a cohesive view on these developments, the subjects will be approached from various scientific, social, historical and artistic perspectives, on both a practical as well as a theoretical level.
The symposium is organised by TodaysArt in cooperation with the ICAS network, STT and the Royal Academy of Art The Hague and has been made possible thanks to the support of the EU Culture Programme, the DOEN Foundation, the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Zuid-Holland and Fonds1818.

More details about the symposium, schedules, speakers and partners can also be found on our website:


Ubiquitous Art and Sound:
Douglas Rushkoff [US] | Julian Oliver * | Oliver Baurhenn [DE] | Ekmel Ertan [TR] | Eric Kluitenberg [NL] | Esther Venrooy [NL]

Art / Technology / Industry - Future Collaborations:
Daan Roosegaarde [NL] | Rob Bouwman [NL] | Angelo Vermeulen [BE] | Harry Webers [NL] | John Hennequin [NL] | Martijntje Hallmann [NL] | Jacco van Uden [NL]

Meditations of Sensation - Displace:
Chris Salter * | Cretien van Campen [NL] | Caro Verbeek [NL] | David Szanto [CA] | Yolanda van Ede [NL] | Joost Rekveld [NL]

Social Architecture:
Markus Bader [DE] | Jan Korbes + Denis Oudendijk [NL] | Eva de Klerk [NL]

On Thursday 20 September, the focus will be on the theme ‘Ubiquitous Art and Sound’, organized in collaboration with the ICAS (International Cities of Advanced Sound and related arts) network. The theme follows up on the symposium ‘Tools for an Unknown Future’, which took place at the end of May 2012 as part of the MUTEK festival in Montreal. With the ever-growing omnipresence of technology in everyday life, participants will discuss new approaches in creating art for the public domain. Participants: Julian Oliver (NZ/AT - media artist / critical engineer), Eric Kluitenberg (NL - media & technology theorist / writer), Ekmel Ertan (TR - amberPLATFORM), Esther Venrooy (NL - sound artist / composer) and more to be announced.

On Friday 21 September, the relation between art and technology will be explored in collaboration with the Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT). ‘Art / Technology / Industry: Future Collaborations’ focuses on the relationship between art and industry. By looking for trends and events that will change the way art and technology affect each other, possible future collaborations can be explored. Participants: Rob Bouwman (NL - former Shell director / Van Gogh Project), Daan Roosegaarde (NL - Studio Roosegaarde), Harry Webers (NL - Witteveen+Bos), Angelo Vermeulen (BE - visual artist / researcher), John Hennequin (NL - HKU), Martijntje Hallmann (Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten) and more to be announced.

In addition to these main topics, the closing day of the symposium on Saturday 22 September will host two more specific themes.

In ‘Displace’, a variety of professionals active in the field of sensory experience will discuss the project ‘Displace 2.0’, which will premiere during TodaysArt 2012. This project focuses on the experience of sensory-based actions that intermingle our sense of smell, taste, sight, sound and touch. ‘Displace 2.0’ is the kickoff for a larger project that is set to take place in the school year 2012/2013 as a part of the curriculum for the ArtScience faculty. Participants: Chris Salter (US/CA/QC), Cretien van Campen (NL - synesthesia / sociology), Caro Verbeek (NL - olfactory art history), David Szanto (CA - gastronomic sciences), Yolanda van Ede (NL - anthropology), and Joost Rekveld (NL - Royal Academy of Art / Royal Conservatory - ArtScience Interfaculty).

The second topic on this day is ‘Social Architecture’, where the role of the architect and the user in the creation of architecture will be discussed, as well as practical cases that are effecting the current state of architecture. Participants: Markus Bader (DE - Raumlaborberlin), Eva de Klerk (NL - Project manager), and more to be announced.

TodaysArt festival 2012
In addition to the Symposium, we are of course looking forward to welcoming you at the 2012 edition of the TodaysArt Festival. More information on the complete festival program can be found on our website:

Access to the symposium is free of charge, but capacity is limited. Registrations are going fast, so if you want to secure your place, please register before 15 September via

Practical information
On all days of the Symposium the doors open at 09:00 and the program starts at 10:00. The Royal Academy of Art (address: Prinsessegracht 4) is located within walking distance to The Hague Central Station and the festival venues on and around the Spuiplein.