Interactive webcam

The ikCam is an interactive webcam that you can use to do lots of fun things with. During the Eurosonic conference, visitors used their RFID tag to connect the online community, to connect their profile to Facebook, or friend others by taking pictures together. The ikCam is the perfect networking tool, making it easy and fun to get into contact with others.

How does the ikCam work?

Activate the ikCam with your RFID tag. Your ikTag for example, OV chip card, or OBA library pass. The RFID chip in your ikTag, chip card or pass is linked to your profile on the social network. If you didn't register yet, you can do this at the ikCam.

Hold your RFID tag against the designated area on the monitor. Your name appears on the screen and you have five seconds to strike your best (or worst) pose before picture will be taken. The picture will be directly uploaded to your profile.

Physical “I like it” button

Connect your profile to Facebook by pushing the “Facebook Connect” button on the touchscreen. Doing this turns your RFID tag into a physical “I like it” button. Scan your RFID tag in front of the Facebook thumbs up belonging to the installation, presentation or program segment that you “like”. A notice will appear on your wall.

After you've connected your RFID tag to Facebook, all your ikCam pictures will be uploaded to your Facebook profile as well. You’re saving a lot of time telling your friends about all the cool things you’re experiencing at the event!

Group pictures?

When several people scan their RFID tags and take a picture together, they automatically become connected on the social network. After the event, you can easily get back in touch with those you met.

Who are using the ikCam?

You will find ikCams at the Kom je ook? symposiums and in Mediamatic's exhibitions space. There are ikCams available at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2011, and Picnic 2008 and the Estafette event by Netwerk CS offered ikCams as well.

Where are my pictures?

You'll find your ikCam pictures on your profile page. Click on your name in the menu bar to go to your page. See the overview of ikCam pictures to see all ikCam pictures made during Eurosonic 2011.