Opening: Deconstructing Systems: A Car

Taking apart a Fiat Panda in order to understand the world

15 jul 2016

The slow explosion of a Fiat Panda.
The rush of doing something you do not fully master.

Join us coming Friday 15 for the opening of Deconstructing Systems: A Car. A performative act, exhibition and week long program by Olivier Oosterbaan and Victor Engbers, which investigates the complexity of our reality by dissecting and taking things apart. Opening talk by philosopher and author Dirk van Weelden.

Facebook Event / Program / Entrance is free


Panda marketing - Vintage Fiat Panda commercial poster


16:00 - Walk in
17:00 - Talk 'The exploded view' by Dirk van Weelden.
17.30 - Olivier and Victor get to work. Drinks for all.

Deconstructing Systems: A Car

This July artists Olivier Oosterbaan and Victor Engbers will completely take apart a Fiat Panda in 10 days. By deconstructing a car in a public space rather than in a garage, they want to trigger an open discussion about the possibilities of dissecting complex objects and systems.


Dirk van Weelden (author, essayist) reacts to Engbers' and Oosterbaan's action of dismantling a functional Fiat Panda in a public space in 10 days. This slow explosion of the car into discrete parts has ironic, reflective, didactical and critical dimensions. There's a fun part as well, the rush of doing something you do not fully master, and there's even a destructive tinge to it. Van Weelden will try to put it all together for you.

Deconstructing Systems: Opening July 15
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Free entrance

With financial support from Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.