Sending organisms to outer space

Talk by Joe Davis (US): Thu. 25 Aug 20:30

The projects of artist Joe Davis wander through the field of biology, astrology, genetics and the arts. As one of the first bio-artists Davis is currently investigating the possibilities for "Astrobiological Horticulture": the wish to construct a new organism that can survive on one of the most hostile spaces there is: the planet Mars. Join him coming Thursday for an artist talk and the screening of "Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis" (Peter Sasowsky).

On Friday Davis will also give the workshop " The Alchemy of Silk".

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Astrobiologic imagery - As part of the project Astrobiological Horticulture, by Joe Davis. An effort to generate an organism that can survive the hars environments on mars. Joe Davis

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26 + 27 Aug Mediamatic Summer Sale
Everything we acquired over the years, but will never be using again, is for sale!
Free entrance @ Mediamatic's Sluisdeurenloods

3 Sept. - Workshop: The Scent of Amsterdam
Join olfactory artist Klara Ravat (DU) on a smell-walk through Amsterdam. Where you will collect samples from plants, water and places and collectively distill the scent of Amsterdam in Mediamatic Bio Clean Lab.

8 Sept. - Odorama: Art + Distillation
The closest thing to scent registration would be distilling aromatic substances. For this edition of Odorama two artists; Klara Ravat (ES) and Zeger Reyers (NL), will introduce us to the art of distillation and how to make smellscapes.

10 Sept. - Workshop: Basic Myco Design, The art of growing Mushrooms
During this introduction course you will learn how to cultivate the Oyster Mushroom at home and take your first steps in the field of Bio-Design.

Astrobiological Horticulture with Joe Davis
Thursday Aug. 25, 20:30
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: €5,-

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