Sander Veenhof

Analog Statistics

a.k.a. "in search of Antarctic internet users"

The installation Analog Statistics establishes a link between the online presence of MULTIPLEX: TransNatural and the physical exhibition space. Seven plants in a greenhouse give exhibition visitors real-time insight into the cumulative website visitor statistics. A visit to the website, from anywhere in the world, triggers a growth-activating light over a plant that is correlated with the continent from which the site was viewed. The results will provide a foliage visualisation of international visitor numbers. Those who visit the website will see live webcam images of the triggered light and its effects. The European and North American plants will flourish, no doubt, but who will trigger the light over the Antarctica plant and help it grow?


Antactica, Europe, Afrika - Plants growing based on continent based website-traffic data. Sander Veenhof


LAMPS: switched on as a result of the Multiplex Transnatural website being viewed.
WATER: collective watering of plants each time when website has been viewed from all 7 world continents.

Opening of Multiplex Transnatural exhibition