Selim Doğru 1 jun 2013

GEZİ a city symphony!

A happening/concert performed by professional and amateur musicians and singers.

It is a musical reflection of the amazing Gezi protests in Turkey.

The musicians start performing on different spots of the city and walk to Dam Square by playing their instruments or singing. A pianist plays piano there all the time. One by one the musicians arrive Dam and join the music. At the end when all the participants are there they play and sing together it turns in to a concert with existing songs from Turkey related to Gezi.

The whole performance will be recorded by many video cameras (from iphone to HD full professional) and at the we make a film out of this performance.

For this project I need a lot of participants: Singers, musicians and people who can make a video recording. For the choir you don't need to have a great singer voice. Everybody who can sing a bit can join. It's exactly the same for the musicians. I write the parts for different levels.

16 November 2013, Saturday 12:00 - 15:00
24 November 2013, Sunday 12:00 - 15:00

GEZİ a city symphony participants (facebook page)


GEZİ a city Symphony - Dam Square -