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Virtueel Platform is the sector institute for e-culture in the Netherlands. We are an independent foundation subsidised by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences.

E-culture refers to the ever-evolving relationship between new information and communication technologies and the production and consumption of culture and the arts.
Virtueel Platform seeks to track, document and enrich the cross-pollination between society and the emerging new medias that are currently acting as the primary catalysts for change in most all aspects of human life. We want to strengthen and develop Dutch e-culture both at home and abroad by providing support to all organisations and businesses that want to employ e-culture as a creative spark for progress.
We believe e-culture can, in turn, make essential contributions to social and economic innovation. By informing, facilitating and organising activities that bring together people from different sectors, we hope to promote and inspire knowledge exchange. In particular we strive to stimulate the dialogue on all new developments between e-culture makers and policymakers and between cultural organisations themselves. After all, it’s all about interconnectivity...

Virtueel Platform organises or is involved in:

• Foreign Visitors Programme 2009-2012: a subsidy that contributes towards international knowledge development, dissemination and exchange.
• Archive2020: an international event on the archiving of digitally-born cultural content.
• Paralelo: an international meeting for artists, designers and researchers on technology and environment.
• E-culture fair: an international fair that presents creative and innovative concepts, processes and products in the field of new media.
• Master Class Art Criticism: student journalists and critics learn the basics of interpreting and translating digital media art from a history of art perspective.
• Picnic Academy Hot 100

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