Leonieke Verhoog



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Leonieke loves to think, write and profit from all of the aspects of the Digital revolution; from augmented reality to multiplatform storytelling, from online art to offline games and fun.

After her Master Creative Development at PSAU Leonieke became researcher at Virtueel Platform and now she is leading different projects at the Digital department of Dutch public broadcaster VPRO.

In her spare time Leonieke is a blogger for Dutch Cowgirls and she is the owner of her company called LeoLoves!

To get fit Leonieke started Figurerunning together with her friends Willempje Vrins and Jan Kroon. Don't forget: You ARE the pencil!

In short: LeoLovesCreativeInnovativeRelevantProductionswithinaFastandChangingEnvironment!

Organizer of the 2008 Hot100 day by Virtueel Platform, a day for the up-and-coming creative media talent of the Netherlands, and co-host of the 2009 PICNIC Academy Hot100'09 workshop about VPRO's Eeuw van de Stad.

The workshop case is to come up with the design approach for a new interface to disclose this Eeuw van de Stad Open City archive in a comprehensive way, using the various labels that describe the rich content of the current archive.

We tried to combine different online services, location based information and the power of the creative web! Read more here