Digital City Special

PICNIC '09 Special

There are many different definitions of what a Digital City is. One trend that has emerged is the notion of a Digital City with shared civic "servers" which aggregate traffic info, provide open APIs to city services and create an open software infrastructure platform which software developers can use for their own applications and services. These kind of services and servers are being built in Cleveland, Ohio - by the leaders of this session. We'd like to discuss these kind of servers and services with the attendees of PICNIC and collect feedback on other issues and ideas (like sustainable business models or open art galleries ) that software developers can "build on top of." Community social media and citizen journalism is also part of this vision.

Please note: YOU MUST HAVE A PICNIC CONFERENCE OR FESTIVAL TICKET TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SESSION. Clicking on Count Me In simply indicates your interest in participating. The final selection of attendees is decided by our partner for this session.