Mascha van Dort

Mascha van Dort is currently working for TNO Information and Communication Technology as a Business Consultant for the media market.

In 1994 she started working as a research specialist and project manager in the area of multimedia technology at KPN. From 1998 onward she worked as a (senior) strategic marketeer in the area of Internet and was responsible for initiating and setting up segment marketing at Planet Internet, Het Net and Xs4all.

In 2002 she was manager strategic marketing, and as such board member of the business unit CIMS of KPN involving all Internet activities of KPN (Planet Internet, het Net, Xs4all and Planet Internet Belgium).

From 2005 till 2006 she set up a Fishtank, a marketing consultancy network for Internet and New media together with 2 former colleagues.

In 2007 she started working for TNO Information and Communication Technology. She manages the media and content team at TNO.