Soulpicks Festival

Join our multi-sensory Tour and come to smell music

18 mei 2019

To celebrate the launch of the Soulpicks app, Mediamatic joins in on the fun with a free Multi Sensory Tour for those that download the festival app. After the tour, come and enjoy one of Amsterdam's best locations on the water with good food, drinks. We will immerse ourselves in the captivating visuals of Ernst Haeckel in 'Proteus' followed by the dreamy animation 'Princess Mononoke'. Afterwards we invite you to stay and enjoy the party where DJ PlasticBoy and AJ Flora will collaborate on a sensory experience.

17:00 Open Multisensory Tour
19:00 Open Multisensory Tour
16:00 Proteus (documentary on Ernst Haeckel)
19:30 Princess Mononoke
21:00 - 01:00 Night Garden


Enjoying the fireplace during New Years Reception - Tia Torok


Soulpicks celebrates the launch of their app with a free day and night festival on the 18th of May. The app allows you to discover the most interesting artists, places and people. Downloading the app gives you free access to the many locations of the festival, including the Multi Sensory Tour at Mediamatic. 

Multi Sensory Tour

Come and experience Mediamatic! We will walk past our CleanLab, where art, design and biology merge together. The development of new biomaterials, soap workshops, mycelium research, tempeh experiments and brewing processes: it all happens here! We will also walk into the AromaLab: this space offers an introduction to aromatic components and processes. This is where olfactory magic occurs, give your nose a whiff of that. Then on to the AquaponicsLab where we grow our own vegetables and herbs in a hybrid integrated system. And of course, we will explore the Mediamatic exhibitions, both the permanent and the temporary.

Come and see what Mediamatic is all about.

FLORA and Plastic Boy

Flora van Dullemen is an artist, model and dancer. She is currently doing her bachelor ArtScience at the Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague. She is mainly focused on making art that triggers your nose and sometimes performs as an olfaction DJ.


Soulpicks is a new app that allows you to add places, people and artists to your account and save your experience. You can connect with your friends and follow collections added by experts. Download the app on your phone to get free entrance to the Multi Sensory Tour at Mediamatic!