Eliana Otta

Visual artist + business girl + writer + almost a dj


... con un jaguar en la plaza de armas de Iquitos - eliana Eliana Otta

I studied painting but I've been drawing the last years, most of all with markers and color pencils. I own a young fashion designers shop in Lima and Cusco, and also just started to work as subdirector in a contemporary art gallery.

I did my thesis last year: "Drawing in contemporary art and its choice for a chronicle of daily life", and presented it with a solo exhibition about a very (in)famous local flea market, Tacora.

I'm very interested in collective work, and I belonged to La Culpable, which is now in a period of change or "post mortem" life. Some of us still doing activities and working in our magazine "Juanacha".

I've been always interested in self publishing and I make the fanzines "Dos Chicas" and "Electric Youth". I wrote for "Prótesis" art magazine and for a couple of music magazines: "Autobús" and "69", combining it with the wannabe dj side of my personality.

Now I'm trying to learn a bit about curating and organizing exhibitions in 80m2 gallery
I'm addicted to second hand shopping and to finding new places to eat 'till explode of enjoying too much. I also take pictures everyday, lately specially to hand made posters in the streets.


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