Shraddha Ranganathan

Being a workshop assistant

How to help the learning experiences as an assistant

Assisting the workshops is a great way to learn new crafts, explore different workshop formats and get input from experienced artists or designers. On this page, you will find all the information you will need to assist a workshop. 

Kuang Yi-Ku en zijn assistenten tijdens de Tijger Penis Workshop - In traditionele Chinese geneeskunde bevat de tijgerpenis een geneeskrachtige werking die mannelijkheid versterkt en libido verhoogt. Tijdens deze workshop ging Kuang Yi Ku op zoek naar een aphrodesiac die tijgers geen kwaad doet en toch hetzelfde effect heeft.  Tia Torok

Being a workshop assistant


As a workshop assistant, you generally arrive an hour before the workshop starts. Most workshops require preparation in the week leading up to the workshop. This goes from ordering things two weeks in advance to printing hand-outs, to doing groceries. Everything you need to know is in the overview each workshop. Be sure to read up on the workshop you will be assiting two weeks in advance.


Becoming an workshop assitant:

1)Assigned by Workshop Manager

You will receive an email from the Workshop Manager about a workshop you will be assiting in the coming month. If a date/time does not work for you, please find another intern who can change places for you. Once you have found another person to repalce you, let the workshop maneger know.

2)Choosing A workshop to assist

You are also very welcome to choose workshops you will like to be an assistant of in advance!

Check out the Workshop Assistant Overview collection:

  • Take a look at the current workshops we offer
  • Find out what the role of the assistant is in the different workshops by clicking on the assistant checklist of each workshop
  • Choose the workshops you would like to assist

Once you have found a workshop you would like to assist, go to the workshop calendar to find out the planned dates of the workshop and see if you are available.


To plan yourself in, send an email to the workshop account or let a member of the workshop team know your availability.

Get ready to be a workshop assistant

Once you chose which workshop(s) you want to assist, follow along:

  1. Check the assistant checklist to find out the time, intensity and assistant role in the different workshops.
  2. Let a member of the workshop team know of your availability.
  3. At least a week in advance, go through the assistant checklist and make sure everything is ready. We recommend you to print it out and check as you prepare the material!



Find out more about ticketing when you are a workshop assistant here.

In doubt about anything?

  • Ask a former assistant
  • Ask a member of the workshop team
  • Lastly try asking the teacher through the contact information you will see at the top of each assistant checklist page