Shraddha Ranganathan

Odorama Set Up (found/old)

How To, Checklists and Timeline

You can find additional help on pages 4, 5, and 6 of this document


Whether derived from nature, or chemically constructed, odorant molecules have the ability to profoundly affect our behaviour, emotions and associations. At Odorama we will actively engage with our senses and explore everything that reaches and affects the nose. We will consider olfactory history and design that is experimental and challenging. And introduce you to the fragrance as a work of art in itself.

 Caro Verbeek is the curator of Odorama. She comes up with a topic and together we find speakers that would be interesting to invite. She will be in contact with the speakers about the content of their presentation, we take over the production (see the rest of the document to know what that entails).




First steps:

  • As the curator, Caro decides on a theme. Together with Anne, they decide on a date.
    • Put the date and preliminary title in stager.
    • Format: [Odorama: EDITION TITLE] 
  • Odorama usually takes place on a thursday.
  • Research and suggest speakers around the topic. 

Five weeks before the event:

  • Contact with potential speakers and their confirmation about participating in the event - Final line-up of speakers
  • Send an email to the speakers (see doc email templates) asking for:
    • An abstract of the talk / presentation / performance
    • A short bio
    • Scent to distributed
    • Picture (headshot)
    • input social media to use for promotion ends.
    • Set the deadline Scent Line-up : this is three weeks before the event. It takes  two weeks to order scents usually.
  • order materials -- Blotters, alcohol and pipettes are usually bought at (the delivery times are often quite long). Scents are bought wherever they are available. Erica (at central station) has quite a selection of scents. They spray bottles can be bought at etos.
  • Create a profile on our website for each speaker using the information from their abstract and  research further information online


Four weeks before the event:

  • Announcements & Promotion
    • Make a first version of the programme text and publish it on our website
    • Check the text with the programme manager
    • Edit after feedback


    • Find a nice picture (usually from previous editions, on our website or flickr) that fits the theme


    • The communications Manager will then send out the newsletter.


    • Send an email to the speakers with the text, let them know they can give suggestions for changes if necessary. + ask them to share it in their own network.


    • Help with the promotion of the event: posting in the FB Event, sharing the event in FB groups or posts on the main page


  • Order Materials
    • For list of suppliers see attachment.


  • Start the scent script and plan distribution methods
    • (ambiently with dyson Fan / on blotters / otherwise)


Two Weeks before the event

  • Staff
    • Schedule staff for the day of the event. For an Odorama you need:
      • an Aroma Jockey - someone who will spray the scents through the fan or hand out the scents on blotters.
      • Someone to do ticketsales,
      • one for the AV Support
      • a photographer.


One week before the event:

  • Double check that all the materials are there
  • send an email to the speakers asking them to send their presentation at least 2 days before the event (see document email templates).
  • Coordinate order of speakers with Caro



Day before the event:

  • Food:
    • Let the chef know how many staff members are joining for staff food.
    • Staff food is for all staff who came in early (09.30 and has no time to eat elsewhere)
    • reserve a table in the restaurant for the speakers either way by putting in in seat me:
  • Room Reservations:

Prepare the room upstairs (In case there’s a guest staying over), meaning cleaning the room in general, changing the sheets and bed linen + towels + soap + checking if the bathroom upstairs is clean

download the app (it’s called Dyson Link), you need to make an account and connect it to our device, with the app you can control the Dyson it up and making it rotate

  • Presentation:
    • Create the joint presentation in Keynote.
    • Doublecheck the projector + projector screen in the barn
  • Double check sound + microphones in barn
  • Do a cleaning check

  • In the barn, do a light check the evening before. Make sure the light isn’t directed towards the screen.