by Heleen Blanken

17 okt 2019
3 nov 2019

Diadromí represents different stages and interactions of the natural world, based on an ecosystem. A scheme that is characterized through its control by both internal and external factors. In a chain of five small greenhouses, different components of earth's system and their mutual dependency becomes visible.

‘The only sustainable model that flawlessly and continuously functions is the natural world itself. When you look thoroughly to this construct, it's absolutely astonishing. It becomes apparent we have to become part of this structure, unify and show more compassion towards nature.’
- Heleen Blanken


- Filippo Iannone

Diadromí is an installation that portrays the refinement of a system. It creates a symbiosis between five small greenhouses. They function as a whole, drawing a relation between phenomena. Together the greenhouses represent an enclosed circular system to portray different stages of an ecosystem, mimicking the cause and effect of synergy. It symbolises the impact of growing ecological instability and the effect of various natural forces. Highlighting our human search to shift our perspective. The effect of the last greenhouse in the system, is not interfering with the cycle and is left open for interpretation.

Heleen Blanken

Heleen Blanken is a visual artist and lives and works in Amsterdam. She is working across the media cinematography, photography and installation art. Her artistic practice is deeply influenced by the complexity of the separation between humanity and the natural environment. She explores the different layers of our aesthetic perception of the natural world. Defining traditional artistic dichotomies like the organic vs. artificial and analog vs. digital. In her work she raises questions on how we contemplate ideas of nature, inviting us to question these and absorb alternative visions.


Diadromí development and installation are generously sponsored by Timberland in the context of the Nature Needs Heroes campaign. Thank you Timberland!