Djara Van Hove


@Valerie Traan -

Hi, I’m a master student of the Jewellery Design department from St. Lucas School of Arts Antwerp (Belgium). As a maker, I not only try to challenge myself and find new ways to tell a story... . So, starting as an intern within the project Secretopia is just the beginning.

I’m interested in artistic disciplines where the dynamic relation between a human being, both psychologically and physically, and artistic discipline meets each other. I attach great importance to experimenting with techniques and materials because I like to explore the possibilities or boundaries of various materials in general, it is not only a guideline but also a crucial aspect in my research.

This experience would be an inspiring event that would help me to develop myself as an artist, broadening my perspective and meet a bunch of new people. As well as discovering new methods of working on my artistic practice or projects.


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