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Our resident herbalist Lynn Shore showing St. John's-worts

St. John's wort family (family Hypericaceae) includes herbs and shrubs with yellow flowers and leaves that have numerous, often black, dots. Among this family we can find Hypericum perforatum, better known by its common name St. John' Wort. This plant has had great meanings and importance for superstition and witchcraft and its medicinal  properties are well known since at least the Graeco-Roman times.

Externally it has been used to to aid wound healing, burns and sunburns. Currently, it is promoted for depression, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other mental health conditions. In the Mediterranean basin it's been used to cure female reproductive disorders as well.

It typically blooms between June and September. It grows along roads and railways, from sea to mountains and also in urban environments. It is often seen as a weed in farmers' fields, but has so much to offer.

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