Museumnacht 2021

6 Nov 2021

The act of licking pussy is still surrounded by shame and red ears, but not everywhere! Partly influenced by social media, society seems to become more predatory but at the same time female sexuality is increasingly embraced. BEFtival is the place to view, discuss, experience and celebrate (female) sexual pleasure.

Crawl into the Orgasmatron; discover porn for the illiterate; make shameless jewellery; give your gender to the Goddess of the Sea; draw your wildest fantasies; listen to a cultural reflection on female pleasure; discover all about d'Origine du monde, enjoy a licking dinner and .... come!


Logo Beftival - Olga Middendorp, Ine Poppe


Jin Lee - Anyone’s Anything

Sex toys are called toys for a reason. But why do we feel guilty when kids find them? Jin Lee transforms sex toys into slides, seesaws and swings. Come color inside or outside the lines in the sex toys colouring books and join a guided hump session with the artist. 


Can a sex toy be a toy? - Jin Lee - Anyone’s Anything Jin Lee

Annika Hagen - Workshop: Shameless Jewellery

Come create jewellery with Annika Hagen. Her collection of 'flaunting' hair (which sounds much better than pubic hair, right?) comes from women who replied to her call on Instagram to donate their hair. During her workshop you will be invited to get rid of the shame, collect your flaunting hair, and use it to craft the most original gems. 

Sally Fenaux - What comes from far is tasty? 

What form does (female) pleasure take in the non-Western world? What role does licking pussy have? How did Kamasutra come into being? How did Aruban gods switch genders? What about the range of genders of native Americans? Sally Fenaux will take you through an enjoyable experience, using film excerpts, to break loose from your gender. 

Izabella Finch - Bloody Horny

Can you still be licked when you're on your period? Or lick someone who has their period? Bah, yuck... but why is that gross and is it really? Iza Finch shows how it can be done in her vulva costume.

Bert Sliggers - Porn for the illiterate

Pornography is most fun when it's not allowed. Former curator Bert Sliggers shows his fantastic collection of paper porn. By pulling, twisting, pushing and folding, secret sexual fantasies from the 20s and 30s of the last century become visible. Browse through eating, bestiality, group pleasures and bondage.

Pleun van Dijk - Objects of Desire

Our bodies change over the centuries. We are less fertile, less hairy and have a smaller jaw. What about our gender? Can you use algorithms to morph our sexual sensitivity? Touch an object of desire from the future.


Objects of Desire - By Pleun van Dijk Photography by Nahmlos . Image source

Eva Schippers and Sam Nemeth - The Tongue Orgasmatron

What is the line between pleasure and torture? Inspired by the film and comic strip Barbarella, Eva schippers builds an organ that you can lie in and which produces agonizing pleasure by playing it. An orgasmic matron built by a woman, with a slick tongue interface.


Barbarella Orgasmatron - Screenshot uit Barbarella

Ine Poppe - Tongue Reading

What does your tongue teach you about your erotic potential? Have your sexual future predicted by the shape, folds and lines of your tongue. How thick is it, how pointed, how strong, how soft? After intense study of the tongue, fortune teller Zaza will read your future sex experience.

Olga Middendorp - Genotszoötroop 

Olga Middendorp's genots-zoötroop turns drawings into moving images. By turning the carousel her sexual fantasy will come to life. Get inspired, draw your own sex-comic and put it in the the befbox. Who knows, your fantasy may become part of our sexhibition later...


Genotszoötroop / genotcinoscope - Sexual fantasies come to life Olga Middendorp

Featuring Met: Hester Scheurwater, Amber Rahantoknam, Bert Sliggers, Nelke Mast, Jin Lee, Pleun van Dijk, Ine Poppe, Annika Hagen, Olga Middendorp, Laura van Zuijlen, Julia Schmitz, Daphne Gakes, Irma Joanne, Gian van Grunsven, Clarissa Smith, Raymond van den Boogaard, Sally Fenaux Barleycorn, Izabella Finch, Thijske Akerboom, Vicky de Visser, Trickster, Victor Engbers, studenten Willen de Koning Academie, Ruchama Noorda, Eva Schippers, Sam Nemeth, Fee Oomes, and Spill Gold. 


November 6 from 17:00 to 2:00
Mediamatic Biotope, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
We take corona safety into account at our events.
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This program is curated by Ine Poppe and Olga Middendorp in collaboration with Mediamatic.