Desirée Hammen

Fashion designer and artist


Portrait of Desirée Hammen -

Desirée Hammen graduated from Artez Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, 2003. She works as a fashion designer and artist in her hometown Eindhoven.

Desirée’s current work consists of a series of free-knit cardigans, installations and autonomous embroideries, her speciality. She just finished her training at the famous Ecole Lesage in Paris. In her work Desirée is combining haute couture techniques with her own DIY skills, exploring the beauty of imperfection. Her work is being described as ‘poetic, chaotic, intense and playful’. With her indoor and outdoor installations she is disrupting reality in a gentle way. With her handmade one-of-a-kind clothings she is stressing the personality of the person who is wearing it. Over the last years Desirée participated in exhibitions and projects in Amsterdam, New York and Shanghai.