Meet A Maker - Isaac Monté

27 mei 2022

Are you in need of some artistic input or discussion partner on your project? Isaac is open for a creative consultation and discussing ideas. 

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The Art of Deception - Isaac Monté in samenwerking met Toby Kiers - 14 October -2016 - 14 February 2017. Wat gebeurt er als mensen organen manipuleren voor esthetische doeleinden? En wat is innerlijke schoonheid überhaupt? The Art of Deception bestaat uit een collectie van 18 vervormde varkensharten die onderzoeken hoe biologische interventies en esthetische manipulatie gebruikt kan worden als middelen voor de ultieme misleiding: de transformatie van innerlijke schoonheid. De tentoonstelling is opgesteld in de Mediamatic Sluisdeurenloods. In de avonden kun je… Anisa Xhomaqi, Isaac Monté , Toby Kiers

Who is this for?

Are you looking for fresh insight on your artistic research? Do you need to talk through a concept, or receive some honest advice on your project? Or are you simply fascinated by fermentation, motivated by microbial communities?

During the session, you will have a 30-minute consultation with Isaac to discuss anything relating to your work: any ideas you may have, or challenges you may be facing. You can expect an honest, invigorating conversation, which leaves you with plenty of food for thought.

About the artist

Isaac Monté is a visual artist who creates design objects and installations as a reaction to social, ecological or economical problems. He uses design as a medium to transform forgotten or overlooked problems into possibilities and opportunities.

In the past Monté designed birdhouses made out of cigarette filters and a collection of masks made out of fur from roadkill. The work of Monté has been on show in a variety of museums, galleries and exhibitions around the world. "The Meat Project" is part of the permanent collection of The Centre Pompidou, Paris. 


When purchasing a ticket, you can choose a time between 12:30 and 17:00.
Artists/Students discount 7,50€ | Full price 10€
We give a discount to students, artists and Stadspas holders. If this applies to you we might ask to see your kvk nr/portfolio or student card for this option.

The consult takes place outside, please dress appropriately. 

For questions please e-mail

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Catching Waves - PX VI – Signaling exposure to radio waves This prosthetic is worn on the earlobe and feeds on radio waves, growing and shrinking depending on the intensity of waves surrounding the wearer. We are continuously exposed to a wide range of electromagnetic radiation: radio waves from Bluetooth, microwave ovens, WiFi, 5G and GPS. Small, invisible particles are transmitted through the air, making the lives we live today possible. However, the long term impact on health of this is still unknown and requires further research.  This prosthetic… Monica Monté, Isaac Monté

Loneliness is a threat for the ageing population. Those experiencing loneliness experience higher health risks such as heart disease, cognitive decline and depression. Social isolation can be overcome by initiating conversations and reaching out to others, and fostering connections with like-minded people around you.  This prosthetic is programmed with the wearers' interests. When approaching someone with a shared interest, it starts to flicker to draw attention to the wearer and attract and encourage conversation. It is inspired by peacock feathers, impressive displays conveying the wish to communicate and connect. Since it is placed on the top of the head, it serves the additional aesthetic purpose in that the wearer doesn't have to worry about losing hair or a receding hairline.  Materials: Glass fiber/LED's/Custom made electronics Door: Isaac Monté

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