July '22 - Dec '22

Saskia Heinemann

Exhibition Assistant


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I am Saskia and worked on exhibitions and events at Mediamatic. 

My time at Mediamatic as an exhibition intern has allowed me to explore the intricacies of organising, preparing, and curating exhibitions and other art related events. The freedom and independance provided granted me the opportunity to grow and develop my abilities and skills in the curitorial field. I was able to apply theoretical thinking to practical examples on numerous occasions, gaining insights from my peers and the artists I worked with. I am most grateful for the knowledge and experience gained from working in the cultural sector which is what I lacked during my studies. 

I worked on a variety of projects during my time, such as the opening for the Mari Bastashevski exhibition Pending Xenophora and contributed to the CD Rom Exhibition alongside my valued colleague and continuous inspiration Ismini. I also organised and curated the Playful Jewellery exhibition by Weimin Zhu. I developed technical skills while working on audio visual elements during events such as Penny for Your Thoughts, Ears of Earth, and Museumnacht. It has truly been an eventful period, my proudest achievement being the trust I managed to gain from one of the most valued members of the team, Michi, whom I have the utmost respect for.

I am excited to continue my journey elsewhere.

Contact Information
Email: saskia.heinemann@mediamatic.nl