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Marjanne van Helvert on Objectophilia

A/artist roundtable

16 jan 2023

On Monday 16th of January, the A/artist team will host another round table. On this night, we have the pleasure to host Marjanne van Helvert.

Read about how the evening went here

Marjanne van Helvert is an artist designer / researcher / writer based in Amsterdam. Read more about her work here.

For this roundtable, Marjanne van Helvert will introduce us to her work, including design projects and manifestos as well as a lecture-performance of her love letter to the containership Christopher in the context of objectophilia.


Marjanne and Christopher - Marjanne van Helvert and her Containership love Christopher. Read more about her recounting of this unattainable kinship with an entity sailing the Baltic sea in the context of objectophilia on our A/artist round table event page and in her article . Ruben Pater

Feel free to have a look at her article here or get surprised at our round table!

We are curious to hear about this taboo of objectophilia as well as discuss how it might relate to autism with all of you.


Marjanne van Helvert -

*Note: This event is by invitation only. If you are interested, feel free to email us at . We're looking forward to meeting you over a great presentation, free drinks and food and an interesting discussion round.