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Marjanne van Helvert is a designer, researcher and writer based in Amsterdam.

From her studio in the Kunststad on the NDSM-wharf she explores the relationship between ethics and aesthetics in design. In 2016 she published her book ‘The Responsible Object: A History of Design Ideology for the Future’. This book bundle presents the history of design ideologies in the Western design tradition.


The Responsible Object - Book by Marjanne van Helvert The Responsible Object: information . Marjanne van Helvert

For the A/artist round table on the 16th of January 2023, Marjanne shared her work, for example her lecture-performance of her piece 'Love Letter to Christopher', in which she recounts her journey on the Container ship Christopher, with which she formed an unattainable kinship similar to objectophilia. Look at the event here and give her article a read here!


Marjanne and Christopher - Marjanne van Helvert and her Containership love Christopher. Read more about her recounting of this unattainable kinship with an entity sailing the Baltic sea in the context of objectophilia on our A/artist round table event page and in her article . Ruben Pater

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