Caetano Mendes Dias

AromaLab Assistant


Veggie Portrait. Caetano - Caetano chose the mango, with the colors of the portuguese flag.  Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo

My name is Caetano Dias, I am a research designer and I worked at Mediamatic as an Aroma Lab assistant for six months in 2023.


I am interested in the undiscovered realm of scents, and interested on how scents can tell stories. At Mediamatic, I gain experience in art of perfumery and ways of capturing smells around us. I also learn how to collaborate with other artists and designer. During my time at Mediamatic, I had the great opportunity of help on the development of the Japanese Knotweed Festival. I was responsible for the foraging of Knotweed through the city of Amsterdam and I design the project, Aromas of Extermination, together with Rachel Barfield and Frank Bloem. I also worked on Hortus Dijkspark projected together with Luc Berendsen, and helped Nesie Wang develop the Mind Garden project. At Mediamatic, it was given to me the space to explore and try-out my own ideas and use Mediamatic facilities. I am very grateful for all the moments we shared together.

Wish all the best to Mediamatic <3