Caetano Mendes Dias

AromaLab Assistant


Veggie Portrait. Caetano - Caetano chose the mango, with the colors of the portuguese flag.  Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo

Hello! I am a research and critical designer intern at the Mediamatic. 


I am doing a Bachelor degree at Design Academy Eindhoven focused on research and critical design. I studied product design at Escola Artística António Arroio for tree years and studied interior design for one year at Escola Superior de Art e Design. I am doing my internship at the Mediamatic where I work at the AromaLab department because I am interested in the undiscovered realm of scents, and interested about what scents can tell us. As a designer, I question the value and relevance of our work by trying to understand our social impact in the world and by exploring the positions of power in today's social networks.