a/Artist event

The Artist makes the Idea that makes the Book

How stubbornly strict rules by artists and designers generate beautiful books

13 mei 2024

Join us for an evening about conceptual book development with artists Robin Waart, A.W. Doom and Willem Velthoven.

3 very different makers whose projects have 1 thing in common: They find very strict conceptual starting points and grow them into logical, yet surprisingly rich and playful books. Is there a correlation between neurodivergence and the stricktness of their conceptual approach?

On another note, we would like to encourage you to bring a book you love and that influences your practice to show and discuss it with others during the break! 



Les Mythes sont faits pur que l'imagination - Robin Waart

About the presenters

Robin Waart

Robin Waart's work begins with the words of others. He uses repetition and collecting as a framework for projects and installations with text, printed matter, movie stills, photography and book pages explore what it means to do, and look at, the same thing over and over. 


Bookshelf for 'Part one' - Part one , risoprint on paper, custom bookshelf (2010/2011) (Photo Edwin Deen)

During this evening, Robin will speak about his recent projects and present the publications he made until now, hiding in plain sight, all reflecting on themes of repetition and the difference and/or similarity between a place and a book. For an impression of Robin's work, read the blogpost 'Robin Waart is an artist who makes books who makes books'!

Robin studied Classics in Amsterdam. He received his BA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, and MA from the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague. Publications: Lakeside Library/Library Ideal (2024), Footnotes I have never seen (2022), An animal that speaks (2021), Evol/Love (2020), Dedication(s) (2018), Thinking in Pictures (2010), Part one (2010, 2011, 2024. 


Cover of 'Evol/Love' - Nibor Traaw, Evol/Love . Offset on pink paper (2020) (Photo Ayako Nishibori)  

A.W. Doom

Annelies Wina Doom is a conceptual artist, curator and wildly associative thinker. This manifests in her project 'Please Do Not Touch, Even Clean Hands Can Cause Damage', where every word becomes a book, and every page juxtaposes fragments of timeless texts, often to surprising, inspiring and provocative effect. With a lecture-performance, Annelies will lead the audience down the rabbit hole of associations this work opens up. 

Annelies studied Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Her work 'Please Do Not Touch...' was featured in the 2015 exhibition Paths to Paradise at the Rijksmuseum Twenthe. She is one of the initiators and curators of the a/Artist project. 


Talmud 3880 : If you treat me like this please kill me - Please Do Not Touch - A Concordance, Book III: Not Documentation photo of last curated sentence out of talmud verse 3880  out of Book III: Not  Photo 2022 by Willem Velthoven for Mediamatic. Annelies Wina Doom


A condition of doubt concerning an object of uncleanness that floated upon the water - Please Do Not Touch - A Concordance, Book VI: Clean Documentation photo of page 20-21 fig 1 a curated highlighted sentence from the Talmud out of Book VI: Clean with blue marble used as a bookmark during Lecture-Performance which became a balancing act   Photo 2022 by Willem Velthoven for Mediamatic. Annelies Wina Doom


Annelies Wina Doom - Selfie -

Willem Velthoven 

Willem Velthoven is one of the founders of Mediamatic (in 1983) and of the a/Artist project (in 2021), and an award winning designer and cultural entrepeneur in the fields of new media and the intersections of art, nature, and biology. 

For this talk, Willem rediscovers two publications he designed in the 1990s. In 1992, he gave the official publication of contributors to the Floriade, an international exhibition and garden festival hosted every ten years in the Netherlands, an algorithmic spin inspired by a budding world wide web. In 1996, after having won the 'encouragement price graphic design' from the Amsterdam art council the previous year, he was tasked to design the annual catalogue celebrating the years' winners, and did so in an unconventional manner. As a designer who has long since moved on to pursue his own visions and interests, he will reflect on the unique choices, freedoms and limitations that went into the conceptualisation of these two books. 


De Kunstprijzen Amsterdam 1996 - Front Cover - Alfabetisch op naam en Titel This was the Annual award catalogue for AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst). Willem Velthoven was tasked with the graphic design and concept after winning the Amsterdam Encouragement Prize for Graphic Design himself in 1995. Based on his scepticism about the artistic value of this kind of award circuses, he decided to propose a format that modestly facilitates looking up yourself and your friends: An generic alphabetical index of every one/thing involved.    10,4 x 15,5 cm. Offset printing in… Willem Velthoven


Willem Velthoven with a bunch of dry Japanese knotweed - Willem chose the Japanese knotweed.  Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo

Bring your own book 

Since this evening will be all about books, we encourage you to also bring a book you love or one that influences your practice. There will be opportunity to show and discuss it with others during the break! 


a/Artist Meeting: The Artist makes the Idea that makes the Book 
Monday 13th of May
17:30 - 20:30 
Tickets (with vegan meal)