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Design for Well-being

For many people, the space we are in has an effect on how we feel. In this evening we explore the role of architecture on our well-being.

17 jun 2024

Join us for an evening about design for well-being with architect Kristin Maurer and green designer Mawee Pornpunyalert from Moss Lab (makers of sustainable spaces). We will look at how space can influence the well-being of users. Kristin will talk about architectural anxiety, and Mawee will share Moss Studio’s research, experiments, and findings on well-being and biophilic design in spaces.



Design for Well-being - Women with Cardboard Box In Train Made by AI to represent how space can influence the well-being of users.

About the speakers 

Kristin Maurer 

Kristin Maurer studied architecture at TU Delft before continuing her education at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Her graduation project 'Shields and Shelter', an installation at the outdoor swimming pool Flevoparkbad in Amsterdam and accompanying book, reflected deeply on navigating life with anxiety, and how architecture and design can create spaces that feel safe. 

“Where can I hide? How far is it to the door? Is there a possibility to leave the space unobserved? Are there lines of sight? Can I escape? How do I get from one end of the city to the other? These are questions that influence decisions in my daily life.“

In Kristin's experience, anxiety presented both a limit to freedom and a source of creative energy. The question her work poses is: Is hypersensitivity a power that can help transform spaces for the better? 


Kristin mapping lines of sight in a train - Trains can feel like a public space where you are always observed by other people. Here, Kristin investigates whether there are any seats on the train where you are hidden from view.  Kristin Maurer



Shield and Shelter Installation by Kristin Maurer - Flevoparkbad is a public outdoor swimming pool in the East of Amsterdam. Kristin Maurer used it as a site for her graduation work 'Shields and Shelter', which mapped lines of sight to create spaces where visitors could effectively hide from view and feel safe from others' (perceived) scrutiny.  Kristin Maurer

Kristin also has a passion for textiles and founded her own sustainable brand for backpacks and punchbags, Snekkerbuks, in 2012. In addition to this, she has been involved in different textile-related project at Mediamatic, and will co-host the upcoming Re-fashioning Clothing workshop in June. 


Creating costumes in the Open Costume Lab - With Kristin Maurer At Dutch Design Week 2021 we are hosting an open costume lab where participants are creating amazing costumes from species in our ego system, while hopefully becoming more aware of the biodiversity of our planet.     Caroline Aravicius

Mawee Pornpunyalert

Mawee Pornpunyalert is currently working as a green designer in MOSS Studio (makers of sustainable spaces). After graduating from TU Delft with a Master's in Architecture in 2022, she specialized in green design, driven by her experiences in diverse environments—from the concrete jungle of Bangkok to the nature-rich city of Adelaide. These contrasting experiences have underscored for her the profound impact that nature can have on the quality of urban life.

MOSS Studio, known for their work in green architecture, uses MOSS Lab to explore how plants can improve people's lives, especially in cities. 

At MOSS, we believe in the transformative power of nature to enhance well-being and create harmonious, healthy, and happy urban settings. My journey with MOSS is dedicated to making cities greener and more livable, leaving a green mark wherever we go.


Mawee Pornpunyalert -

About MOSS Lab

MOSS Lab studies the benefits of plants on well-being, focusing on areas with limited research to create healthier urban environments. Their approach combines literature reviews and practical experiments to gather data that can be used in real-world projects. They believe in collaboration and partnerships to innovate and improve how we design spaces with plants.

Many of you are probably wondering why we need a multi-sensory space in a sensory-heavy concrete jungle? The answer is simple, there are many types of sensory stimulations, some trigger negative emotions while others stimulate positive reactions. 

In particular, she'll explore the concept of Nature Inspired Multi-Sensory Spaces, demonstrating how these spaces can provide a refuge from the sensory overload of urban life, promoting relaxation, creativity, and overall well-being.


The Wearhouse, Amsterdam - Green Design by MOSS Photo by Jordi Huisman


Arup, Amsterdam - Interior Greeen Design by MOSS Photo by Jordi Huisman


a/Artist Meeting: Design for Well-Being
Monday 17th of June
17:30 - 20:30 
Tickets (with vegan meal)